Welcome to the Moregasms 15 Day Intimacy Challenge. Through this challenge you will explore ways to invigorate your sex life and relationships while getting to know yourself, as a sexual being. This challenge is intended to slow down your routine in order to jumpstart intimacy. Every exercise, or “sexercise”, is based on personal experiences and best practices compiled to give you new options and/or awaken otherwise dormant sexiness.

Everything suggested in this challenge may not work for everyone; but committing to the challenge will give you things to try and think about as you explore your sexuality. The purpose is to make you explore and feel. If it results in you having great sex at the end of each day, that is a bonus. You should not feel pressured to have intercourse on each day of this challenge. In fact, this challenge should help you dabble in different ways to connect; ways that may or may not lead to sex as you know it. It will CHALLENGE you to approach intimacy differently.

So why 15 days? With so many challenges today, that people start but never complete, we wanted to set a practical goal that participants of all comfort levels could achieve. This challenge is meant to be realistic, fun, engaging and something that couples and singles alike can participate in. For our friends not in monogamous relationships, don’t worry, you can participate too.

Make an effort to try each sexercise. Even if consider yourself a sexpert and your intimate relationships are thriving, try to put your own creative spin on the suggested sexercises. Make this challenge what you need it to be!

Reflection will be one of the most difficult, yet essential aspects of this challenge. If you feel uncomfortable at any point throughout the challenge, ask yourself why. Reflect on whether the feeling of discomfort is because you are not receiving pleasure from the sexercise, or perhaps it is triggering.  Maybe you do not like what is happening or don’t enjoy the person you are doing it with. If it is because it's just different,  we can work with that and explore ways to find pleasure in sexercises that interest you. If anything is painful, triggering or seriously not working, STOP and add that to your list of things to avoid.

Moregasms seeks to inspire sex lives and make the stigma around sexual freedom a thing of the past. We celebrate difference, we celebrate kink, we celebrate consciousness, we celebrate BLACKNESS, we celebrate gender equality, we celebrate healthy sexuality, we celebrate intersectionality and most importantly we celebrate pleasure! So free your mind, let go of inhibitions and prepare for More orgasms or Moregasms! Day 1 starts tomorrow!

Things You Will Need:

- A journal

- A pen or a pencil

- Coconut oil or an oil that you do not mind having on your skin (and possibly in your hair)

- A personal lubricant

- Contraception (if you choose)

- A sex toy of choice