Let’s take it back to the basics. Do you know where to find all of your partners erogenous zones? Sure, you might say. The nipple, the vagina or penis, ears and neck. Great! But that only tickles the surface. Everyone is turned on differently and it can be very boring if you have the same “go to” each time. For example, your past partner may have been turned on by a nipple flick, but the person you are intimate with now can’t stand it. How would you know? There is always trial and error, but if you want to get right to it, you should ask! Go ahead, ask. We will wait.

Now that you have asked, wouldn’t it be embarrassing not to know where to find this magic spot.


Today is dedicated to identifying erogenous zones, learning ways to engage those areas and trying to stimulate them in others. Below are some helpful sites to get you started.





Once you identify the various erogenous zones on the human body, locate them on your partner's body. Explore your partner's spot(s) and take a moment to stimulate them. Remember to be adventurous. Try different temperatures and textures and varying pressure levels. The challenge here is not only in discovering new erogenous zones on your bodies, but figuring new ways to stimulate those areas.

Singles: Explore your own erogenous zones using any object(s) of your choosing..