If you thought this challenge was just about “having sex" you were wrong. It is about so much more. Education, communication and exploration are just as important as the act itself. 

Have you ever been the person in a conversation that had to do the smile and nod because you had no idea what annilingus was? Have you been limited in conversations about sex because you just couldn’t find the words to describe “it”? Maybe you are one who gets embarrassed talking about sex all together. Language changes daily and new terms about sex are created just as often. On top of new ways to describe sex and intimacy, often times, people are ashamed of what they do sexually because they think they will be judged or that it is wrong and therefore they do not discuss it. Consider this, if there is a term for it, it probably means that other people are doing it too. You are also not the only person who enjoys sex, and I think you’ll be surprised by how much you know about sex. 


Today, we will simply educate ourselves on language and vocabulary. Using the links below or your own internet/ book search, explore terms. On a sheet in your journal, create 3 columns. 

Column 1: Write down any terms that are new for you.
Column 2: Write down the terms and topics l you feel like you know well and could explain to someone else. 
Column 3: Write down terms that are interesting and you want to know more about

After you have your three columns, circle 3 concepts (techniques, positions, styles or methods) that you can commit to experimenting with during the challenge.ting to you. These can be a combination of terms that are new and terms that you know about. Think of these as terms that you want to learn more about or wouldn’t mind trying. Don’t be shy. 

Here are some examples of what could be circled:

Mutual Masturbation
When partners either touch their own genitals while they are together, or touch each others’ genitals at the same time for sexual pleasure.

When a female ejaculates or cums in a projectile fashion.

When a female uses a strap on dildo to penetrate a male partner.

An extensive list of terms can be found on the following websites:








With any website, approach with caution. Sites such as Wikipedia and Urban Dictionary are websites where anyone can contribute words and definitions and the language used may be offensive. It is appropriate to include a link to this site so that we are aware of academic, formal and informal language being used in reference to sex. You may come across a partner who uses such language or is interested in things mentioned here. All sites were are referenced for information purposes only, not a recommendation or validation of anything shared on these sites.