Foreplay is all the sexual activity and energy shared preceding sex. Though it sounds very basic, you might be surprised at how limited people’s foreplay game is. Sometimes we kiss, sometimes we give a sensual massage and sometimes we jump right in, skipping foreplay all together. What methods of foreplay have you tried?


Switch up the foreplay.  Whatever you do, it should be different and spontaneous. Predictable and routine foreplay is almost as bad as using the same position each time. Unless there are physical, psychological or emotional reasons for keeping things the same, SWITCH IT UP! The following website gives some creative suggestions but you can probably come up with some equally good ones. Rip out a sheet from your journal, and tear into small pieces. On each piece, write down all of the creative ways you can get the juices flowing. By writing them down in this way you can save them for later and pull a suggestion anytime you need a little extra spice.

Listen to an erotic novel together on audible or watch an adult movie adding your own colorful commentary. Watch a regular movie while teasing each other for the entirety of the movie, or  as long as you can resist.

If you are single, watch an erotic movie or listen to an audio book before you masturbate. Go out for a night of sexy dancing and go home to pleasure yourself. Call someone you don’t mind having an erotic conversation with. Ask them if they would be willing to have phone sex with you. This should be someone you trust, have a good relationship with and are attracted to.

Warning: This could lead to interesting follow up. Be ready. Try discussing some of the things that you wrote about your sexual desires, fantasies and pleasures. When you feel like you are at optimum arousal, end the call and please yourself. If it goes well this could be a great partner to explore the rest of this challenge with.