Sight, touch, smell, sound, taste. In what creative ways can you or your partner be stimulated?  In an earlier sexercise you explored what sex means to you. Today you can experiment with forms of intimacy that do not require penetration but still constitute as sex for you and your partner.


Below are some ways to stimulate the senses that may lead to arousal and whose integration into your romantic encounters can add a little something special. Try to stimulate each sense for at least 5-10 mins each. Use the examples below or feel free to create your own.

The body puts out a natural scent that can be very sexy. After a shower/bath lie on your partner's chest with your nose near their neck. You and your partner should take deep breaths through your nose. Inhale as they exhale, taking in the unique scent of your partners essence as you breath. Coordinated breathing also combines your sense of hearing and is very relaxing.

The utilization of colognes and oils such as this one also work:

There are certain foods that we have heard will make our bodily secretions taste better. Can you say pineapples? Other foods can be consumed or added to the skin to stimulate your taste buds while you are being intimate. Place a bit of honey somewhere on your body. Have your partner locate the honey spot using nothing but their tongue. This combines taste and touch. Each person should get a turn. Add a little extra by using an ice cube as you lick.

Communicate with your partner. Check IN: “Does that feel good?” Ask for permission: “Can I lick you here?” Affirm each other: “I love you!” “You are beautiful.” Read each others likes and desires out loud to each other.

During sex, listen to the sounds that your bodies make. The squishing, swishing and clapping that bodies make during sex can be all it takes to reach a climax.

Extend a good hug. Experiment with textures. Try rubbing hair, the edge of a blanket, a scarf, a water bottle etc. up and down your partner's’ body. Add a blindfold for a fun guessing game. Reward with a kiss.

Watch some porn or a steamy movie together. Leave the lights on and watch each other. Set up a large mirror to see things from a new angle. Make eye contact when you can during sex, especially during an orgasm.

Be sure to reflect in your journal about your experience.