There is something about a nice slippery surface that brings out the passion. Maybe it’s the absence of friction or that everything just glistens so nicely. Whatever it is, it is time to lube up and try it. Lubes and oils are a fun way to add moisture, as well as step up your foreplay.

Be mindful that there are many different types of lubes and oils and you must be cognisant of what is good for your skin. Coconut oil is a favorite because it comes in large quantities and works for many skin types. Maybe you have a favorite lube or oil that you like to use regularly. If you are new to lubes and oils the following website may be helpful to find one (or a few) that work for you:


Make it moist. Start with a sensual massage with an oil of your choice. Each person should get a massage, that leaves you both completely covered with oil. Next, if you are not already in the act, explore some of those foreplay activities that you didn’t get to on Day 5, or just one of your favorites. These positions may also offer some inspiration, despite the non representative cartoon graphics:

Apply a generous amount of your favorite lubrication and get to it. If you begin to feel dryness, add saliva, water or more lube to keep the party going. The point is to keep it extra juicy during this sexercise. This could also be a good opportunity to be adventurous now that friction is not an issue.

NOTE: If you are using a form of contraceptive containing latex, oils and oil based lubricants will wear out the condom. Use a water based lubricant. Also if you or your partner are prone to yeast infections, use a glycerin free lube.

The female body creates its own lube and there is sometimes a stigma around dryness and artificial lubrication. Get that out of your head, especially for this sexercise. You may discover that you like the sensation that comes from using personal lubrication. Using a little extra lubrication during regular sexual activity does not mean something is wrong with you: