Congratulations! You made it through 15 days of intimacy or dare we say it, SEX! Make some noise!!!!! Literally. Hopefully you learned more about your desires and what makes you climax. You may have learned more about your partner's needs and how to meet them. The hope is that you have learned new ways to increase the passion in your love life. If you did not experience any of this, at least you committed to a 15 Day challenge, and understand commitment is the foundation of a relationship which could be a great start. On this last day, we will reflect on all that we learned.


Write down what you discovered during this challenge. What areas of your relationship were strengthened? Did you have any challenges? Did you discover anything about your sex drive or desires that you didn’t know before? Do you have questions now that you have explored? Were you able to commit more time to sexual freedom?

Married couples with or without children and people who work demanding jobs with long hours tend to have a formulaic routine when it comes to sex. We take care of everyone else's needs leaving very little time for intimate pleasure. This is because sex isn’t always a priority and we don’t invest in things that are not a priority. Obligations, things that we seek to benefit from and things we are passionate about are the things that we devote our time and energy to. Intimacy should not be seen as an obligation but you absolutely can benefit from it and what is more passionate than sex? What would happen if we invested as much time improving our sexual experiences as we do on growing in our careers? Think sexual competency building or professional development.  We would be experts in the craft. Just like in a career or playing a sport, once you become a master, you do what you can to improve and keep it exciting; or you get bored and quit. But if you love something, YOU DON’T QUIT! You figure out what works better for you. The same is true for your intimate relationships.

Moregasms was created to inspire individuals, couples, working professionals and PARENTS to live more passionately without shame of their sexual aptitude. We have only scratched the surface and though it may have felt good there are more resources out there to help you have more fulfilling love lives. We invite you to visit the Moregasms website for more tips, more info and MOREgasms!

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