Think sexting before phones. Before the immediacy of computers and smartphones, there was pencil and paper. The evolution of technology has taken our flirtation from letter writing to, phone sex, to party lines, to chat rooms to sexting, with many other methods in between. An orgasm letter is just like a love letter but with a little more kink. Tell your partner the things that you want to do to them tomorrow. This judgement free writing exercise will allow you to express sexual fantasies in a real and tangible way. We are merging the concept of a love letter and a fantasy and giving it a date of execution.


On a sheet of paper start your letter with “tomorrow I will ______ to make you cum. But before that, I will...” Then continue to write down all of the freaky, intimate things that you plan to do to your partner tomorrow. Once your letter is done, share it with your partner, the same day! Make sure your partner writes one for you too. The anticipation of what’s to come will give you exciting things to think about. Discuss how you feel and what you are looking forward to, but do not act on your letter until tomorrow.