Music is a language understood around the world. Coincidently people have sex all around the world as well. How many times have you heard the saying “You were made to this song…” or “I’ve done some thangs to that song!”? Well, Day 12 is where you get to make your own sexy soundtrack.


Create a sexy playlist to get you in the mood. Create it with or for your partner. Go back to some old favorites or search for new sounds. A good playlist can provide hours of fun. Name it and save it. Though apps such as Spotify and Pandora may create a good playlist, the experience of creating a custom song list can be erotic and nostalgic. If you feel inspired, revisit anything that you have tried from this challenge so far to enjoy to your love tracks. Be sure to add enough tracks, it may be a long night. Reflect and discuss your experience.

A search for curated playlists or playlists created by users on your favorite streaming service could generate some great ideas. Here are some sexy tunes to get you started:

  -  Janet Jackson- Would You Mind

  -  Boys 2 Men - Uuh Aah

  -  Eric Benet - Chocolate Legs

  -  Rotimi - Kitchen Table

  -  Bruno Mars - Gorilla

  -  Jhene Aiko - Maniac