A natural part of sex is noise. One of the ways your body tells you it is enjoying what it’s experiencing is to let out a good moan. We do it when we eat something good or while we are working out. Some people are more expressive than others, so this is not an exercise in seeing who can be the loudest. And this is also not a tutorial on faking an orgasm.


When you act upon your Orgasm Letter(s), be a bit more vocal than usual. If it feels good let them know. Moan, growl, scream, purr and/or breath louder than normal. How great would all of this sound over that playlist you created?

Because, you may be sharing a space with others who are not participating, and you may care about people hearing you, pick a time where you won't disturb others. If you don’t care, or you have privacy, maybe you got a babysitter, go crazy with it! Tomorrow you may not have a voice so be sure to thank your partner in advance. Feel free to add any combination of the things you have tried or have yet to try thus far.

If you are single, be vocal during self pleasure. You are giving yourself permission to feel. Get out of your own head and just be present with what your body is experiencing.