Where was the last place you “did it”? If you are like most people, you have developed the routine of having sex in your bed. Comforting? Yes. Exciting? Not always. Breaking routines will help you to get out of ruts and respark the passion that sex might be missing.


Today, change perspective by having sex in a different place.  

Keep in mind what you have learned about your partner so far and apply it at a time that will promote a great time in a new location. For example, a foot massage while folding clothes may lead to an experience in the laundry room. Or you may figure out how to sneak away from movie night to explore sex outside. Suspend judgement and what you think is acceptable sexual behavior.

This location can be a hotel, a different room of your house or in a different place in your room. A subtle yet powerful modification ( if you just love your bed so much) could be to begin with your heads positioned at the foot of your bed rather than near your headboard. Even though you may not end up here, it will change perspective. The idea is to break up the monotony. Honestly, the bathroom is a favorite. On the floor before or after a shower. Especially if you have children or guests and privacy is limited in other areas of the house.  

Because all locations are not as spacious and equipped for sex, this sexercise will require creativity and in some case, flexibility. Have fun with it and remember no one is judging you.