The adult toy industry is literally alive and thriving! There are artificially intelligent, life sized dolls that can be used for sexual pleasure and companionship, there are vibrators, dildos, anal toys, penis rings, bondage toys and many other gadgets used to make you climax.


Singles and couples can benefit from toy play and masturbation. If you do not own a toy, do some research to get a toy! The toy you get does not have to be expensive. Toys can start at $8.There are also sales around V-Day:

While you wait for your toy to arrive, try mutual masturbation. Some couples may choose to hide the fact that they masturbate from each other, when it actually is quite fun to be in the same room, watch or even lend a hand:

If you and your partner already have a toy, use it on each other. There are ways for both partners to benefit from sex toys. For example, a vibrator can be used on one person while the other watches, or it can be used to enhance the pleasure of activities that you are already familiar with.

If you are single, explore your body using a vibrator, dildo, or new sex toy.

Discover all the capabilities of your toy. Use all ranges, settings, positions and/or directions that your toy has to offer. Challenge yourself to try something different. Maybe you can finds a new use for that toy.

Below you will find some popular toys to look into:

Magic wand
Vibrating cock ring
Steel dildo
G Spot and clitoral vibrator
Anal beads
Sex swing